Transforming Livestock
Management for the Future

Tabana empowers traders and farmers to experience growth
with technology and sustainable solutions.

About Tabana

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Tabana is an Agriculture Technology startup that focuses on empowering farmers and traders in the livestock sector. We drive transformation through innovative digital solutions and operational excellence, ensuring profitable and sustainable solutions for everyone in the livestock ecosystem.

Market Access

We have curated trusted buyers and suppliers to ensure fair trade for everyone.

Quality Input

We know that quality feed and good input management could impact productivity. We strive to provide the best for your farm.

Better Farm Management

We understand that people and processes are the foundation of a successful business. We help to optimize for better results.

Products & Services
Engineered for Your Growth

Digital Infrastructure

Power your operation through technology. Better records and optimization for your business.

Livestock Farming Consultancy

Whether you are a new farmer or want to optimize and scale up your livestock business, we can help.

Community Access

Connect with curated buyers, suppliers, and financing providers through our close-knit community.

Financing Support

Gain access to trusted and reputable financial institutions.

Join our community and be a part of the transformation journey

We're continuously expanding our network of partners. Whether you are a logistic provider, input supplier, financing provider, or other actors in the cattle and beef ecosystem, join our network and help us to shape the future of livestock farming.

Partner Story



Already serving the qurban market in Jabodetabek since 2019, Yuk Qurban recognized the need to find a new revenue stream to fund the operational expenses before the qurban season.


YukQurban now can get a stable monthly revenue stream by entering the beef carcass market through our support in business consultancy, community, and financing access.



Established in 1994, a fully integrated cattle and beef ecosystem in Tuban wants to expand its market to other regions.


Tabana helped Wahyu Utama acquire new buyers through our close-knit community in multiple regions.